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Is it worth to keep your health on risk just for the taste? Of course, it is not. Health is wealth, and we are listening to this statement since our childhood. We are Mozzarelli, and why we are concerned about health because no. of people are suffering from the issues of Celiac disease. According to a report, 1 person out of 105 is suffering from Celiac disease, and it is only about United States itself. If we see the same on a much larger scale then figure is touching higher levels.

Celiac disease occurs due to over consumption of gluten or gluten full eatables like pizza, pasta, cookies, and the same kind of fast foods. These ready-to-eat products taste good but are unhealthy as they are made up of such grains that are full of gluten. For your information, we’d like to tell you that gluten is a type of protein, and it is present in grains naturally. Most of the eating points don’t process grains and hence gluten is not removed before making products out of them.

But Mozzarelli is a step ahead of all such eating points. We are New York City’s best rated eating point, and this is only because we came up with all new approach i.e. gluten free products. Now, you can enjoy a Gluten Free Pizza Party right at your place, and all you need is to book an order for your gluten free pizza. We are not limited to pizza only. Our gluten free bakery also produces gluten free pasta, gluten free cookies, pies, sandwiches, rollers and many more items.

Although we make healthy and gluten free products, but there is no compromise we make with the taste because we know that when it comes to pizza, its taste is everything. Especially for New York foodies, we added a separate style into our menu list which is New York Style, and under this pizza base, its sauce, its toppings and salad everything are done in the New York Style.

You can always have a look on our menu by visiting our website. It is available on our website, as well.

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It hardly takes a second to say ‘Yes’ in order to accept a party proposal which is going to be full of tasty fast foods, but it really needs courage to say ‘No’ to such parties by keeping health in your mind. New York people are full of spice in their lives and that the same thing they do with their eating style. People, here, eat a lot and as most of them are office goers; so, they are always in a hurry and always run short of time. That is why they usually prefer ready-to-eat eatables or fast foods like Pasta, Pizza, Cookies and the same kind of items.

But this is only the first part of the story because, people forget that the fast food can be eaten in place of the meal for one time or 2 times, but it can’t replace the real meal and it won’t. The reason behind this is the protein viz. Gluten, which can cause Celiac Disease to one who is a regular consumer of fast foods. But that does not mean that one needs to put an end to his or her taste buds and should stop eating fast foods.

Mozzarelli’s gluten free products are totally healthy and are easily available in the market and on its site, as well. Now, you can throw a Baking Gluten Free Pizza Party at your home for your loved ones without getting worried about fast food and gluten. We, at Mozzarelli, understand that a party without a pizza can’t be imagined, and that is why we made our pizzas gluten free. A gluten free pizza is not only healthy but is also yummy and crispy in taste and flavor. Our menu is there on our site from where you can choose different sauces, toppings, and salads etc. for your pizza.

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Serve health in a delighting manner with Mozzarelli’s gluten free eatables

Organizing a weekend get-together? Sounds great! But what you are going to serve. Usual fast foods and self made cookies? That is a good go but doesn’t that sound pretty common? Try Mozzarelli’s gluten free products, a whole new range of healthy products. Gluten is the enemy of your belly and of course you are not going to allow it to enter into your kitchen. Gluten comes from wheat rich products like bread which is used so commonly in such get-togethers. Our Wheat Free Bread can really help you making this get-together a memorable time. By adding this bread into your weekend menu, you are making sure that you will not only serve fruition but also health to your loved ones.

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Enjoy a healthy lifestyle by availing Mozzarelli’s gluten free fast foods

Prevention is better than cure’, it’s a usual phrase that we come across every day. Since a long time, it has been observed that people are becoming more health conscious which is really a great thing. But still we make those mistakes in day-to-day life that affects our health. One most common mistake is eating gluten full products. Gluten causes Celiac Disease and no. of cases are reported every year. Mozzarelli’s gluten free products are the best and affordable solution to keep you away from this disease.

Wide range of gluten free foods like gluten free pizza, gluten free pasta, gluten free cookies, gluten free bread are offered by Mozzarelli so that people can enjoy their time with their loved ones without getting worried about gluten and related concerns. Grab your gluten free item from online menu placed on Mozzarelli website.

Crispy and light pizza layers won’t let you take your eyes off

Pizza is one of those eating products that have a worldwide following. Hardly, a person, you can find, saying I don’t eat pizza or I don’t like it until unless he or she is recovering from a major illness like celiac disease. This disease is caused due to a protein viz. Gluten which is present naturally in various grains like Wheat. These grains are used as the primary constituents in making fast foods like pizza. But Mozzarelli offers an all new variety of Wheat Free Pizza. This pizza is not only healthy (gluten free) but also its taste and crispiness is enough to leave your mouth watered.

As soon as Mozzarelli’s gluten free pizza box is opened, no one, who is sitting around, can take his or her eyes off its crunchy and light textured layers. So, what are you looking for? A pizza? Well! Visit Mozzarelli’s website to place your order.